Hair Salons & Beauty

In 2018, hairstylist and colorist Katerina Magallanes was inspired to take her career to a whole new level by becoming a small business owner. After years of working in area hair salons, she had finally learned what it takes to flourish as a salon in the DC metropolitan area. As a result, she was ready to paint her own stamp in the Gaithersburg area.

The Qualities of a Great Salon

Katerina started her education at one of the top Paul Mitchell Partner Schools in the United States. Since then, she has routinely enhanced her skills through vigorous training across the country. Her continued education, mixed with her experience in the industry, has solidified her as an astute hairstylist. She brings a perfect blend of artistry and professionalism to her trade.

Balayage and Cut

For example, Katerina found that basic standards were often missing in some of her previous hair salons. However, at Covet Salon you will always be met with a friendly face, a clean facility, and an uplifting atmosphere. Her professionalism also extends to her craftsmanship.

Through her experience and education, Katerina developed many techniques and creative ways to help clients solve their everyday hair needs. Clients are routinely surprised to learn that they need only consult their stylist with questions about their hair. Likewise, Katerina has mastered the tools of her trade. Whether it is a thinning shear or a texturizing razor, Katerina knows when to use it and why.

Covet Salon is a great atmosphere to have that personal time with your stylist in order to answer all your questions. From personal styling advice to a simple five-minute blow dry style lesson, Covet Salon is brilliant at helping its clientele with their hair needs. It is a welcoming environment for all your beautification needs. Just ask Kat!

Why Beauty Matters

Beautification is the process of improving the appearance of a person.

Beauty is such a powerful social factor that, according to a series of Stanford graduate school studies, feeling attractive changes your views of where you fall in a social hierarchy. For example, the studies revealed that “the mere memories of bad-hair days or the times a good-looking date smiled in their direction affected the way the participants viewed inequality.”

In essence, people who feel attractive tend to embrace hierarchies, while those who feel unattractive tend to see inequality as a problem.

“The mere memories of bad-hair days…affected the way the participants viewed inequality.”

Elizabeth MacBride

Individuality and empowerment play a huge role in self-expression and self-confidence. This has an overall outward effect on yourself and others around you.

Inspiration is drawn from thought and environment. Therefore, the best way to discover new trends or a hairstyle that you covet is by taking a look around you. What style and color do you like? What length of hair do you want?

Get empowered by your surroundings and find your own individual look that you want to rock.

What Look Do You Covet?

Great looking, healthy hair leads to higher self-esteem and a better outlook on life. Hair salons that do not understand this will never be able to provide the level of personal care that we do. We service men and women alike and can help you achieve any hairstyle that you desire.

Book your next appointment with Covet Salon today to achieve the look that you covet.

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