Happy New Year

Wow!! 2020! How exciting! I started the new year feeling fantastic and eager for what is to come in the future! Covet Salon was something my friends, family, and many clients always wanted me to make a reality. I was a single parent for many years and the idea of taking on something like my own salon studio seemed like a stretch. However, I always knew my work ethic was there and I have remained loyal to my craft. I absolutely adore what I do!

A Look at the Rear-View Mirror

Being a hairstylist was actually something I always wanted to do, but first I opted to attempt a college education, in which I finished a 2-year degree in Radio Production. It wasn’t until later on in my mid-20’s that I chose a trade school in order to get my Cosmetology license to become a hairstylist.

“There is nothing more gratifying then watching you walk away feeling beautiful and knowing you entrust your look, confidence, and time to me.”

Katerina Magallanes, Owner

Ready to Take on 2020

What makes this profession such a joy for me is having the flexibility to be a mother to my children, while offering my clients fulfillment by making them feel and look amazing! I really enjoy seeing everyone leave Covet Salon feeling the best and anticipating their next visit with me!

There is nothing more gratifying then watching you walk away feeling beautiful and knowing you entrust your look, confidence, and time to me.

Many Thanks

Thank you to everyone who has always supported me and to everyone who continues to support Covet Salon today. I appreciate knowing that although you can go anywhere, you continue to choose me over and over again. It means the world to me. I strive my best to always give you the look and feel you are looking for and hope our continued friendship is shown in my service to you.

2020 is going to be an amazing year full of endless possibilities for all of us. Happy New Year!

— Katerina

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